Peace of Mind

for Families and Carers

Our passion is keeping older people safe and well.


Whether you are caring for one older parent or one hundred older clients, we know that their health and wellbeing are profoundly important to their happiness and to your peace of mind.

We combine beautiful products, the latest medical technology, a simple app and outstanding CQC regulated care providers to keep older people safe and well. 

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Peace of Mind for Families and Carers.

Caring for an older family member is stressful and time consuming - even with professional help.


Your loved one is never far from your thoughts: 

  - Why isn't Mum answering her phone? Is she OK?

  - Is Dad getting enough sleep and exercise? When did he last go out?

  - Is Mum dehydrated? Might she have a fever or cardiovascular problem?


Amba is designed for you. 

The Amba app provides all the information you need to put your mind at rest at any time of the day or night. And it includes an early warning service which can automatically alert you, your family and carers about anything you are particularly concerned with.  

Your loved one simply goes about their daily life as usual.

There is nothing to learn or change. Nothing to wear, no buttons to press. The only difference they will notice is an occasional call from a loved one or a care professional if something doesn't seem quite right.

The difference you will notice is a little more peace of mind and maybe a better night's sleep, safe in the knowledge that if you can't be there all the time, Amba can.


Check in when it suits you

Whenever you're wondering how your loved one is doing, you can simply check in with the Amba app. You can see recent activities such as when they got up or when they last used the kettle or the fridge. You can see latest health information about hydration, cardiovascular health, sleep quality, heart rate, breathing problems and more.  

We collect all of this information completely passively - there's nothing to wear, nothing to learn, no buttons to press. In fact, all your older relative needs to do is give us is their permission to give the information to you.

And anytime Amba notices any cause for concern (eg a change in behaviour, poor sleep, dehydration, a possible infection), you, your family and your carers will be sent an alert so you can give them a call.

Apply to try the First Edition 

The First Edition of Amba is now being tested by families around the UK. For you to try it out, your older relative won't need to do anything at all apart from give their consent. Five Amba sensors will be placed in their home, and then you can download the Amba app to your phone. It's that simple.


Joining the test program is free of charge. We will send everything you need. The set up instructions are very simple and we will help out over the phone or video call if necessary.  The five discrete sensors will need to be placed in your older relative's home. The person who places the sensors will need to be someone who was visiting your relative for some other legitimate reason - a professional carer for example.


If you are interested in joining the test program, please apply using the short form below. If you are chosen to join the program, you will have access to the Amba service before it is available to the public. We will ask you to tell us what you and your loved one like and don't like about the service; what works and doesn't work.

Please remember, to join the program, your older relative will need to live alone, have a wifi network and be able to give their consent.

After you have applied, we will call you to answer any questions you my have.

In the short (two page) application form below, we refer to your loved one as a VIP - Vulnerable Independent Person.


Please remember, we are choosing just 100 people to test the service, so you may well not be one of the lucky few. To thank you for applying to test Amba, we will offer you discounted access to the Amba service when it launches.

Thank you very much for your interest.


" A system that recognises very early signs of health decline passively, without requiring the user to wear anything, charge batteries, or do anything special, has enormous implications for seniors’ health trajectories. "

" This offers the potential for improved health outcomes, reduced healthcare costs, continued independence, and better quality of life."

Professor Marjorie Skubic,

Centre for Eldercare and Rehabilitation Technology,

University of Missouri, USA

"Automated Health Alerts Using In-Home Sensor Data for Embedded Health Assessment"

Apply to join the Free Trial

Amba First Edition

Application to join Free Trial Program

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