Access the Amba demo account

The Amba demo account is real in all respects, except that Jackie is not an older person living alone, but is actually one of our staff living as normal. All of the data you are seeing is absolutely real and being gathered in real time from sensors around their home or being worn or carried with them.

To access the demo account:

  1. Request access to the demo account by emailing

  2. Wait until you have received an invitation to test Amba

  3. Download and install TestFlight from the App Store

  4. Open the email on your iOS device and tap View in TestFlight

  5. TestFlight will open and show you the AmbaD app

  6. Tap Install

  7. When Install is complete tap Open

  8. Allow Notifications

  9. Tap Next

  10. Tap Start Testing

  11. Sign in with abc123!?&

  12. Tap Connect

  13. Wait a few seconds 

  14. When the Right Now screen shows up, you can tap on the Amba logo and choose a picture from your photos.

  15. Right Now shows Jackie's current status, Recently shows recent events and Alerts shows recent alerts.

  16. Pull down on any screen to update - it takes a few seconds as Amba is collecting real live data for you.

  17. Tap the top right cog to change the settings of the alerts - bear in mind that they will change for everyone using the demo account.

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